Okay, so your working in your grow room/tent. Doing your daily maintenance, moving the lights, watering and pruning your plants. As you turn around you notice a broken stem, hanging on for dear life. Don’t panic, it is good to know that the stem of a plant during the vegetative cycle can break. Especially in tight spaces like a grow tent or closet.

The main reason we want to fix a broken stem right away.  Because your plant always needs nutrients. From the roots of the plant through the water/soil, then up to the stem, leaves and upper canopy. If the stem becomes broken or bent, it can interrupt this flow of nutrients and can cause your plant to die. The Stem Trainer is a quick and easy way to solve this problem. Repairing broken stems and enable the nutrients to continue to flow again.

The best way to attach the Stem Trainer to a plant is to support the damaged area with your fingers. Carefully place the Stem Trainer along with the bottom part of the affected area, below the break. Now slowly attach rubber plant ties to the Stem Trainer on the plant. The rubber plant ties and the stem trainer act as band-aid allowing the affected area to heal and grow. With Stem Trainer attached to the broken stem and the plant. The damaged area is now splinted and protected from any further damage. Don’t worry about a tossing out a good plant, when you have the Stem Trainer.