Low-Stress Training, or LST as it’s more commonly referred, is the practice of bending plants, exposing more of the plant to the light, in order to get the heaviest fruits possible in the least amount of square footage available. The process begins when the plant is young and will continue all the way through flowering in order to give it the best chance to flourish in a restricted area such as a tent or smaller space.

When you open up your plants with The Stem Trainer you are getting light penetration to the lower branches of your plant that wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed due to big fan leaves blocking them. In doing this you are creating more main colas instead of just 1 main cola with smaller buds growing on the lower part of your plant. As with best methods of trying to improve the yield of your cannabis plants, Low-Stress Training makes the most efficient use of light. As far as the cannabis cultivator is concerned the best light is at the top of the plants and the lower branches receive a far poorer quality of light, seriously underachieving their potential.

LST with The Stem Trainer involves safely arcing the stalks outward to present the plant in a more lateral way, exposing more of its lower branches to the light and allowing an equal distribution of light intensity. The increase in bud formation on these branches results in a higher yield per plant, and also a higher yield per watt of light.

• Increase bud formation

• Higher yield per plant

• Higher yield per watt of light

With The Stem Trainer, you are creating an even canopy of colas that are all exposed to the light evenly and you will dramatically increase your yield versus if you didn’t Low-Stress Training your plants. Its easy, safe and one of the most important techniques to implement. The Stem Trainer ensures healthier more prosperous plants with much greater yields. Simply attach the lightweight Stem Trainer to the plants stem in the direction of the desired bend. Safely and easily manipulate The Stem Trainer and Stem by gently arcing The Stem Trainer and stem laterally away from the center of the plant.