What Can Stem Trainer Do For You

Low Stress Training

A new and wireless way to perform Low-Stress Training (LST) on your plant.

Increase Yield

Enhance existing and new shoot growth to dramatically increase yield.

Support Weight

Train and assist your plant to support heavy growth.

Maximize Photosynthesis

Enable light to penetrate deep into the plant.

Super Cropping

Super Cropping produces bigger yields, more branches, leaves, and flowers.

Mending Splint

Help mend damaged or broken stems or branches.

The Ultimate Low Stress Training System

By using Stem Trainer, you can train your plants to grow fuller, thicker, and yield more profit. Training typically starts 4-5 weeks into the growing cycle. 

When To Start Using Stem Trainer

Training typically starts 4-5 weeks into the growing cycle. Please reference our “Training Video” on how to properly use Stem Trainer. With the proper use of Stem Trainer you can begin to maximize your yield.

The Stem Training System

The amazing Low Stress Training System.
Stem Trainer uses multiples of a single part to link together into a semi-rigid splint. The connection point is indexed for multiple position rotation. Easily and safely attach to your plants stem and Start Training Today!

A Leader In The Industry

Stem Trainer Is A Must Have For Your Plants

Benefits Of Stem Trainer

With the proper use of Stem Trainer, you can enjoy the benefits below:

Easy to use low stress training, increase yield, maximize photosynthesis, safely start super cropping, & mend broken splints.

The Stem Trainer is the Most Power Low Stress Training Product on the market. The Stem Trainer may be fixed to the stem or branch of a plant with rubber bands. The rubber bands allow for the natural movement and growth of a plant without constricting the plant’s stem or branch. Once in place, The Stem Trainer may be arched systematically, without the fear of overbending & damaging the plant.Easily train stems or branches by arching them away from the center of the plant, exposing the underlying growth to the light from above. This allows for full penetration of the light’s rays, maximizing photosynthesis. This produces larger, healthier yielding plants.